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Cantina has been part of the "Ali Kelmendi" Alimentary Combine. It is located in the national roadside Tirana – Durrës, Kavaja Street, no number and it was officially inaugurated in the 10 th of July in1960.

Cantina was built in 1959 as a Factory of Liquors; it has started the production in March 1960 and has extended its capacity twice: in 1962 and 1974.

Cantina has been state property and part of the "Ali Kelmendi" Alimentary Combine up to the 7 th of December 1994 .

It became private property after the "Tre Ortakët" ltd.,an Albanian trade company bought it from the National Agency of Privatisation of the Republic of Albania.

On the 7 th of December 1996 , cantina was bought by "M.LEKA" ltd.

From 20 th of December 1999, Cantina is property of "ADOL" ltd., after sale by auction from the Common Administrators of "M.LEKA" ltd. to whom was given in administration by decision of the Council of Ministries of the Republic of Albania no: 209, dated 28.04.1999.

Cantina has served as production and supply base for liqueur essences for the whole Albania.

The essences of alcoholic beverages produced in this Cantina are natural. They are obtained by manufacturing different plants and fruits of the Albanian and foreign flora.

Cantina is equipped with the most qualitative and irreplaceable element for cognac production: oak vats, tuns and barrels with capacity of 5 – 50 hectolitres.

Cantina is the mother of "Gjergj Kastrioti Skėnderbeu" cognac and is the only one traditionally specialized in producing it.

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