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"ADOL" ltd. has property rights for 9 trademarks: "

"GJERGJ KASTRIOTI Skėnderbeu" Cognac (design and words) AL/M/1993/, Registration No: 2-45-2.

"Gjergj Kastrioti Skėnderbeu" Brandy (design and words) AL/M/95/00133, Registration No: 10313. Two trademarks

COGNAC - SPECIAL" (design and words) AL/M/04/00104, Registration No:10318 and AL/M/04/00105, Registration No: 10319.

FĖRNET "ADOL"( design and words) AL/M/04/00101, Registration No: 10315.

"FĖRNET "ADOL" - SPECIAL"( design and words) AL/M/04/00100, Registration No: 10314.

"Raki Moskat" "ADOL" (design and words)AL/M/04/00102, Registration No:10316.

"PONĒ PORTOKALLI "ADOL"( design and words) AL/M/04/00103, Registration No: 10317.

"Gergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu"(words) AL/M/2000/00256, Registration No: 8148 for class 33: Cognac.

"ADOL" ltd. is the owner of the patent for the production of "Gjergj Kastrioti Skėnderbeu" cognac: AL-P-1994-00036 and of the patent „Alcoholic beverage and the process of its production": AL-P-2000- 00126.

"ADOL" ltd.is certified by the World Intelectual Property Organisation (WIPO) for the trade mark of "GJERGJ KASTRIOTI SKENDERBEU".

International Registration No: 848976.
Countries where the trademark protection is extended (désignations selon): Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cuba, Macedonia, Federation of Russia, Monaco, R.P.Democratic of Korea, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Switzerland, Ukraine, Australia, European Community, U.S.A, Japan, Norway, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Turkey.

"ADOL" ltd. has property rights for trademark and patent for cognac "Gjergj Kastrioti Skėnderbeu".

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